sunny dayz

I was driving home a few weeks ago on a sunny day, the first in a long while. Outside my window I saw beautiful Irish green grass blanketing the hillside, all under the golden glow of a setting sun. It was so perfect, and as it called out to me, no part of my mind hesitated to follow. I parked my car and walked out smiling like I had just run into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages.


As the warm sunlight flooded my eyes, I saw rainbow streaks and lush green fields, rich brown bark on awakening trees, a perfectly blue sky and felt the soft earth beneath me. I could smell the freshness, and could feel the perfect combination of cool air and yellow sun on my skin. I leaned back into the nascent grass, deeply inhaling, decompressing, deconstructing, melting while the blades rustled in between my finger tips and touched the back of my neck, cradling me as the sun continued to shine.


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